8 Steps to a Clean Face

The most important thing that most women don’t realize is that it’s necessary to cleanse your face twice a day. You wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth in the morning just because you skip breakfast, right? Even while you sleep, dust, dirt and bacteria accumulate on your skin.

Cleansing also serves as a mild exfoliation, which is essential in preventing pores from getting cloggedand skin from looking dull.

Most of all, cleansing prepares the skin for other treatment products, allowing them to better penetrate the skin and deliver the results you’re looking for.


1. Select the right cleanser for your skin type. There are three basic skin types: oily, normal and combination.  Also select the formulation that works best for you….foam, gel, liquid etc.

2. Turn on your faucet, allowing it to run until the water is tepid. Wash your hands with soap and then splash your face with water.  Avoid using hot water as doing so tends to dry out the skin. 

3. Apply the cleanser to your fingertips, a clean washcloth or a facial-cleaning sponge.

4. Start above your eyes and wipe the cleanser in an upward motion, over your forehead and towards your hairline.

5. Begin just below your eyes and wipe in a circular motion over your cheeks. Repeat until you’ve thoroughly cleaned both cheeks.

6. Scrub your temple areas and neck with cleanser.

7. Rinse your face and neck completely with tepid water.

8. Blot your skin with a clean towel until it is completely dry.Image


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